Relationships Matter

Farm and Ranch Valuation and Consulting Involves Relationships

We have spent the past twenty years developing strong relationships with our clients. Our firm’s size affords us the ability to provide personal attention to specific client needs, something a larger firm may not be able to do.

Our expertise allows us to provide property valuation services, and we are also able to advise clients on real estate investment decisions.  Whether you are a property owner, lender, attorney, CPA, public agency, fiduciary, or other type of entity, let us assist you. We provide a customized report, backed by our company’s expertise and integrity.

John Preston “Tooter” Robertson, Jr. and son, John Preston III

What We Do:

  • Working, recreational and game-managed ranches
  • Small properties to large ranches, in excess of 250,000 acres
  • River, creek, and lakefront properties
  • Estate planning and undivided interest valuations
  • Conservation easements
  • Rural property partitions
  • Hunting and grazing lease studies
  • 2032A Special Use Valuations
  • Yellow Book Appraisals – Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisition
  • Special agriculture properties; grain handling and drying facilities, horse breeding and training facilities, etc.
  • Commercial acreage valuation in metropolitan areas; transition land
  • Irrigated and dry farmland
  • Groundwater and riparian water rights
  • Appraisals for governmental entities
  • Coastal properties

Our Appraisal Expertise Covers the State of Texas

TEXAS-TOPO-MAP Las Lomas Coverage Area

Relationships Matter, We Have Built Many Great Ones!